Our story:

DPA S.A. (Digital Printing Application) was created in 1996.


2004: Acquisition of three packaging production lines to enter the flexible packaging sector.


2007: New capital increase in order to make new strategic investments:


2008: Acquisition of Label Pack SA: new name DPA Label Pack S.A.


2009: Entry in the adhesive labels market with the first HP Indigo installed in early 2009.


2010: Start of the investment project for the construction of a new plant with the latest technology in Corinth, as well as a new hybrid printing line, offering a higher production capacity and many competitive advantages.


2014: Purchase of a second HP Indigo production line.


2017: Installation of a new 10-color printing machine.


Today, the company continues to expand while positioning itself predominantly in various sectors.

Our goals

• Be specialized in our sector, thanks to the most efficient organization and maximum respect of deadlines.

• Build on strength of our team by investing materially and ethically on it.

• Focus importantly on our ethical values and integrity in all circumstances.

• Respect the rules imposed by law and business ethics.

• Constantly seeking the “ultimate” service for our customers.

• Prioritize the responsibility of the social environment, paying particular attention to respect human and environment.

Our vision

• In such a creative market, highlight and constantly develop our creativity and flexibility.

• To be a reference on the market in terms of services and standards responding to the “real” needs of our customers.

• Continually pursue the development of our company and place it at the top of its sector.

• Constantly seek the financial and human resources needed to find innovative solutions in the sector.